An Internet Business Can be Your Financial Safety Net!

The other day I was talking to a couple of my friends at a coffee shop and we were discussing the inability for average workers to get ahead. John had just received some money from a relative and had spent the day trying to get a good rate for his investment. He had only been offered 5.5% and wanted more.

He had $10,000 to invest and was happy with an interest rate of 5.75%. The best “at call” rate he had found after much research with financial institutions. He was after a safe investment during these uncertain times.

My other friend responded, “I wish I had the spare $10,000 to invest in the first place!”. He went on to say how difficult he found it to save any money after paying his bills each week. (Something you hear all the time)

We got out the napkin and a pen and looked at the situation. He had put all his efforts into running around to get an extra 0.25% on his money!

So instead of getting $550 in interest on his ten grand for the next 12 months, he would now be receiving $575…. Big deal….

An extra $25 for the year! He probably spent that much driving around and in phone calls.

What a waste of time and energy if you think about it!

My other friend on the other hand would love to have an extra $10,000 to invest. However, his day job does not allow him to save enough to “get ahead”.

But…. He possesses a crucial ingredient that can earn the extra money he desires…. The ingredient is…. His “spare time”.

Without changing or giving up your “day job”, asking for a pay rise, or finding a second part time job….

The average PC literate person can earn a substantial extra income from home just by selling simple information products they create themselves based on what they “already know” and all in their spare time.

Marketing information…. Information people want, in the form of ebooks, ebooklets, special reports, audio tapes, video’s and CD-roms is still the best home based Internet business you can start.

It’s as true today as it was four years ago on the Internet.

People often ask me if it is really possible to earn decent money on the Internet if you only have a few spare hours in a day to devote to your online business. Surely the law of business prohibits you from “gaining a lot for very little”?

Here is the key that many people new to online business MISS….

You might only work 2 spare hours a day on your little Web business BUT your Web business (your website) WORKS FULL TIME 24 hours a day for you!… This is the reason why it does not take much of your time and yet can return far more than an hourly wage for the ACTUAL hours you put in.

Having a well-constructed website that sells for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on “autopilot” is like having an “electronic employee or salesman” working for you and presenting your product perfectly every time.

It’s a business that works unmanned… Like a shop that never closes.

But you know…. It’s not just the money you make, it’s about establishing something else….A “safety Net” in hard times….

A small insurance policy should the worst happen.

Nobody can retrench you from your own business. A business that can never go broke either…. You can even set up a free website and perform zero cost marketing promotions. Zero overheads. Maximum profits.

That’s how I started and you can do the same.

Even in hard times…. War, Anthrax scares, recession, have not affected my online business. Sales may not have increased, but they have not declined.

You may also think that you need “talent”, writing skills and a certain level of education to succeed in running an online information product business. Not so, the world is full of educated and talented failures. What you do need however is “persistence” and a dogged determination to succeed.

So if you don’t have spare money to invest, like my friend did, don’t worry, 12 months from now you will have much more than my other friend who has invested his money to earn a measly interest of $575!!

You could have the same $10,000 plus an ongoing income from investing your “spare time” instead.

So next time you put your feet up in your spare hours, consider investing some of those hours up online!

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