3 Perfectly Effective Ways to Lose Customers

1.  Let Them Procrastinate

Yeah, procrastination has stolen millions of dollars from the pockets of business men and women just like yourself.  The longer it works on the customer, the less likely they will be to open their wallet and hand over the dinero they’ve been hiding there.

Here’s how it works… First, the customer leaves your store without making the purchase.  Second, time causes the desire for the product to fade, and distracts them from making their way back.  Finally, your “almost customer” totally forgets about making the purchase, and you can kiss potential profits good-bye.

Don’t let it happen to you! Make deals so irresistible they just can’t say no, and set an expiration date.  Yes, put a little press on them to buy TODAY!  Reward them for complying, and make sure they forfeit the deal if they don’t.  Don’t  be victimized by “almost sales” that could be turned into REAL profits!

  1.  Stay Off The Top Of Their Priority List

Hey, sometimes we need to be reminded of exactly what is and what isn’t important in life.  Where we spend our money indicates its level of importance.  Are your customers telling you that your product isn’t significant to them?

Put them where you want them to be with a dramatic word picture that evokes the emotions that drive purchases.  Let me say it this way… 

If you’re trying to sell them a home business… let them feel the freedom of being their own boss, and setting their own schedule.  Are you selling water skis?  Get them on the water in the hot summer sun with the wind blowing their hair and water spraying around them.  Let them FEEL the importance of the decision.

You CAN motivate buyers to put a high priority on your product!  

3.  Don’t Build Trust

Do your customers feel confident that your company will provide the services that it says it will?  How many times have you raised an eyebrow at an offer that makes big promises?  Yeah, if you don’t already know they are a reputable company, you’re likely to take claims with a grain of salt.

Unconditional guarantees give credence to your desire to please customers.  Testimonials are evidence that you have a proven track record.  Put some facts in front of your “almost customers.”  Let them know a little bit about you and your staff.  It’s always easier to trust a person, than a business.

Internet customers are at especially high risk for feeling a legitimate amount of distrust.  After all, anyone can make grand claims, but who is responsible for upholding them?  A personal photo, a little information, and a phone number where a contact can be reached go a long way toward building trust on the Web.

How many “almost customers” have slipped through your fingers?  You can effectively turn them into loyal customers who regularly frequent your place of business with the business savvy insights we’ve talked about in this article.

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